What is labiaplasty

The labia minora (labium minus) lie as a thin fold of skin between the labia majora (labium majus). In front, they meet at the midline and cover the clitoris like a sheath. The labia minora can sometimes be structurally longer and asymmetrical than normal. It can cause problems in sexual intercourse as well as aesthetically bad appearance.

The operation to correct the inner lips is called labiaplasty. Inner lips are normally not visible from the outside. However, if there is sagging and growth in this part, it causes swelling in this area when wearing bikinis, swimsuits, tights and tight clothes. Naturally, especially young girls are very uncomfortable with this situation. Reducing this sagging with an operation is called labiaplasty. Women with large and sagging inner lips also have health problems. In fact, the inner lips, which should be protected inside the outer lips, are deprived of the protection of the outer lips by hanging out. Therefore, they become open to trauma and infection.

The visual distress of the genital area may seem unnecessary to some people. However, especially women who like to wear tight clothes or even have to work in tight clothes are very uncomfortable with this situation. A woman who is interested in swimming or a ballerina, a gymnastics or fitness instructor. For all of them, this situation causes great distress. Situations requiring labiaplasty surgery should not only be considered in the context of professional discomfort. Wearing a swimsuit, bikini or tight tights or pants is a situation that concerns all women. After all, it is the desire of all women to be comfortable and look beautiful.

As a result, labiaplasty surgery is an operation to increase personal comfort. If you cannot wear tight clothes, if you experience frequent genital irritation and infection, you can consider the operation. Labiaplasty is one of the leading genital plastic surgeries all over the world. It provides both aesthetic and functional benefits.

In which cases is labiaplasty performed?

It is performed in cases of thick, wide, sagging or wrinkled inner lips that protrude beyond the labia majora, asymmetry, darkening of the color at the ends of the inner lips and rough and indented and protruding structures at the edges.

Who can undergo labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is mostly performed due to aesthetic concerns. Larger, wider and thicker than normal inner labia can cause lack of sexual self-confidence, embarrassment and inability to concentrate during sexual intercourse, inability to establish a comfortable partner relationship and therefore not being able to marry, not liking oneself sexually and even not seeing oneself as a woman.

Does labiaplasty affect sexual pleasure?

It never affects sexual pleasure negatively. In fact, with the increase in self-confidence it creates in the person, it positively affects the concentration during sexual intercourse.

Can labiaplasty be performed on virgins?

Yes, it can. Labiaplasty surgeries never damage the hymen. Therefore, it can be safely performed on young virgin girls.

Who should perform labiaplasty operations?

Labiaplasty operations are performed by many gynecologists and plastic surgeons today. The important thing is that the surgeon who performs the surgery has a good command of the anatomy of the female genital area, has received training and experience in this field. Otherwise, it is possible to encounter extremely negative situations.

What kind of negativities can be encountered after labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty operation includes general risks such as bleeding, infection, opening of stitches or complications due to anesthesia. Such risks are minimal when performed with the right technique in the right hands. Postoperative dissatisfaction and negativities may occur in labioplasties that are not performed with the right technique by surgeons who do not have enough experience without fully understanding patient expectations beforehand.

Finally; Most of the labiaplasty candidates prefer the appearance of a vagina with only a flat slit in the middle and the lips are not visible in any way. The most desired appearance of the genital area by women is that the inner labia are short and symmetrical. When standing and with closed legs, the outer lips should not protrude beyond the outer lips.

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