Assoc. Dr. Pınar Kadiroğulları
Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist

Consult with Dr. Pınar Kadiroğulları, a gynecologist and obstetrician

Who is Dr. Pınar Kadiroğulları?

Associate Professor Dr. Pınar Kadiroğulları was born on May 19, 1983, in the Anamur district of Mersin. She attended elementary school and middle school at Anamur Atatürk Elementary School and completed her high school education at Anamur High School. Dr. Pınar Kadiroğulları began her studies at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 2001 and graduated in 2007. After a brief period working in the 112 unit of Karaman Ermenek State Hospital in 2008, Dr. Pınar Kadiroğulları started her residency training in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital…

Why Dr. Pınar Kadiroğullları?

Dr. Pınar Kadiroğulları, who worked at the Istanbul University of Health Sciences Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Education and Research Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic between 2014 and 2019, during her time there, managed many high-risk pregnancies, performed deliveries and cesarean sections. Additionally, Dr. Pınar Kadiroğulları is experienced in all types of open and laparoscopic surgeries, urinary incontinence, prolapse, and genital aesthetic surgeries. She is an expert in gynecological endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery.



10:00 27 Sep 23
Good doctor ma sha allah 😊
DİLNOZA kubayevaDİLNOZA kubayeva
07:48 16 Oct 21
fahriye çakırfahriye çakır
15:21 11 Dec 19
August 2018✨I had ovarian torsion, a patient who was told that he needed urgent surgery with a sudden and terrifying pain☹️I came to the emergency room as the 2nd hospital with the confidence of having given birth to Kanunide before.....And a person seeking healing after that terrible pain.. ..An obstetrician who calmly explained the situation....Here is that @pınar teacher....the unbearable pain that came back while I was hoping that maybe we could get over it without surgery (by the way, my pain threshold is high and I had 2 normal births years ago but it's unbearable Thanks to my teacher, Pınar, he saved me like an angel with his white coat, God bless you. In the past, when medicine was not at this level, I don't know how it was. He rescued me from this situation and sent me home to my children. It is very important for the patient to trust his doctor, of course.....Who does a job best? Of course, he has the most experience. Endless thanks to these earth angels 💛😇 and my teacher Pınar who do this profession wholeheartedly, by giving it its due
A very positive doctor who ended my pregnancy with twin, risky and final pregnancy poisoning, with her experience, smiling face and endless patience, with my healthy reunion on 16.02.2016😍 They said that they are one of my biggest luck in life because babies do not live wherever I go, but Pınar Kadiroğulları has been our biggest supporter. 💫❣️I'm so glad to have you💕My twins will be 4 years old 🤗🙏🧿(birth photographer is prohibited in the state hospital, took photos to the postpartum assistant with his own phone to show that my babies are alive and I'm fine, and sent them to my family who was waiting anxiously at the door, it was our most beautiful most special moment) 🙏An angel without wings for me ❣️
Yesim ArslanYesim Arslan
10:27 11 Dec 19
In fact, there are so many beautiful sentences to say that I did not know what to tell, to be honest, Mrs. Pinar shares her work and the information she gives to our patients is so beautiful that she is both smiling and beautiful. In fact, like every woman, she went to many doctors, but since I started working with Ms. Pinar, I realized that all the truths I knew were wrong and I thank you for the information you shared with me one by one, you will not regret it.
08:28 06 Dec 19
We met very recently with the doctor lady, we were so worried when we met. Until I went to him I was driven in so many different ways and very scared about my illness. It was only then that I realized what I was and gave myself completely to it. He has an incredible smile and a commanding stance on his profession. After a successful operation and peace. Thank you very very very much.
Rabia kabadayiRabia kabadayi
09:14 30 Nov 19
I had endless, painful periods, my polyps had to be removed, but I was very afraid. Thanks to the sweet language and smiling face of my teacher Pınar, I had my surgery without any fear. She took care of it so well before and after it. Unfortunately, problems occurred late in my pregnancy. Thanks to the attention of my teacher, I had an emergency cesarean section or I could have lost my baby, he immediately noticed the problem in the baby's heart rhythm. Glad our paths crossed. Thank you very much
Hatice EroğluHatice Eroğlu
22:33 28 Oct 19
During my pregnancy, I changed 3 doctors, and finally we went to Ms. Pınar, she is very friendly and competent. He took great care of us every time we went, thanks to him, I conquered all my fears, I gave birth by cesarean section a week ago, there is only a line in the surgical area, I am very pleased, thank you Pınar ❤️❤️
Mustafa Fatih DeveciMustafa Fatih Deveci
07:19 17 Oct 19
There is nothing to say about the examination environment. It's like you're in a 5-star hotel and you're also being examined. This environment Dr. Combined with Ms. Pınar's smiling face and interest, you understand the reason for the suggestions.

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