Kegel Exercises

It is the name given to muscle exercises performed to strengthen the vaginal muscles surrounding the vagina in women. Vaginal muscles are the muscle group located inside the pelvis, surrounding the urinary opening, vagina and anus like a ring and attached to the skeletal system. They are called pubococcygeal muscles, vaginal muscles, pelvic floor muscles. Pubococcygeal muscles are in the shape of 8. The upper part is slightly wider and surrounds the entrance of the vagina and the mouth of the urethra, and the lower part surrounds the anus. These muscles have important roles in protecting the abdominal organs, urination, defecation, normal labor, pushing, sexual intercourse and orgasm.

What are Kegel exercises?

They are exercises that involve squeezing and releasing the pelvic floor muscles around the vagina. It is based on the development and strengthening of working and frequently used muscles. What sit-ups are to strengthening the abdominal muscles, Kegel exercises are to strengthening the vaginal muscles. Thanks to the strengthened vaginal muscles, especially during sexual intercourse, pleasure increases, orgasm becomes easier, and urinary system problems such as mild urinary incontinence can be prevented!

Strengthening these muscles increases sexual pleasure in both men and women during sexual intercourse and facilitates orgasm. When the vaginal muscles are underutilized, giving birth, relaxation during pregnancy, wear and tear and menopause, the ability of the vaginal muscles to contract decreases.

During the examination, when we check the vaginal muscles or describe the kegel exercises to understand the muscle strength and the patient’s condition, we see that many women do not feel these muscles and cannot tighten them. Women usually try to do this exercise by squeezing their abdominal or thigh muscles. The most accurate and easiest way to exercise these muscles is to hold and release your urine while urinating and do it at least 4-5 times. In this way, you can start exercises by learning to use your muscles. If you still do not feel it or do not fully understand how to use the muscles, lie on your back, place one or two fingers inside the vagina. Try to contract your muscles and grasp your finger inside the vagina, just like holding urine. With this method, you can learn to use your muscles more easily.

How do you do Kegel exercises?

Tighten your vaginal muscles just like holding urine, hold for 5-10 seconds, then relax, hold for 5-10 seconds, then tighten again, hold for 10 seconds, release again, rest for 10 seconds. Make sure that the contraction and relaxation times are not less than 10 seconds. Repeat this process 10-15 times. Try to do Kegel exercises 2 or 3 times a day. Do this exercise when your bladder is empty. Do not do these exercises while urinating. Do not stop before 6 months. It is ideal to continue practicing for life. You may not get results before 4-6 weeks. This period may extend up to 3 months in advanced cases. If you feel pain in your abdomen, buttocks, inner thigh muscles while doing these exercises, you are doing the movement incorrectly. Be patient!

How will it affect your sexual life?

Kegel exercises that you do while the penis is inside the vagina during intercourse will make both you and your partner enjoy the event more and will facilitate orgasm. With Kegel exercises, mild urinary incontinence problems seen at a young age, not related to bladder prolapse, will also disappear.

Kegel exercises: It is an important part of the treatment in case of inability to orgasm, sexual reluctance, increasing pleasure, mild urinary incontinence, prevention of bladder, uterus and rectum prolapse, preparation for normal birth, returning the loosened vaginal tissue to its former form after birth.

How much can Kegel exercises help you?

If you think that the tightness of your vagina has decreased; if this situation causes complaints such as urinary incontinence, sexual reluctance, inability to enjoy sexual intercourse, inability to orgasm, you should definitely consult a gynecologist first! Because if the cause of these complaints is anatomical, i.e. if your vagina is enlarged due to births, if your bladder is sagging, do Kegel exercises as much as you want, it will never provide you with a solution and will cause you to waste time and frustration. The only solution to these problems is surgery; Kegel exercises alone are never curative! They are more preventive and protective! Recommended as an adjunct to medical or surgical treatment.

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